celestial awakening
night stars are the street lights of eternity.
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i miss madinah

i miss the night at madinah

i miss the environment there

i miss masjid nabawi

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they are back,
they upload the pic of their teachers day's celebration,
and only one things cross out my mind

how i miss those moment because i used to be at that places );
i miss the celebration,
i miss the kelam kabuts moments we used to be in order to crete the big event on the theme 'BACK TO SCHOOL AND RETRO'
seriully i miss that i miss the memory i miss my friends..
ohh Allah if i have delete button in my life i will delete all the memory coz i hate being missing something coz its hurts me a lot ):

we are trying to be retro :p HAHAHA but peliksssss !

this is our superb gimic where 'hantu kak limah' and 'usop wheel cha' suddenlly appear and i likeeeeeeee it !


one of the presention on that day by GAP CLARION *meen was also acting in this sketsa :p HAHAHA

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i love this quote,
when im sad
when im down
when im frust
when im weak


jangan bersedih sesungguhnya Allah bersama kita

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dear awak,

please take care of me please,im tired of taking care of this kind of emotion,seriuslly go and have a life ok.

ur heart <3

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dealing with people is hard and hurt,most of the time.

a new chapter begin (:
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assalamualaikum (:
insyaAllah in about a week more syazmeen and me will continue our study againt after having such a long break after spm !

meen : matrik melaka
me     :matrik penang  

*both are know as negara selat (nns) HAHAHA

new place.
new friends.
new environment.
new memory.
new chapter.

seriously im too excited and at the same time im quite nervous
hope things will go as what i plan.

ohh seseri i dont why but i think i hate you and the memory.
ohh kmpp im about to be your new guess hoping so much that my memory there will be more sweeter than seseri.

to syazmeen,
thanks habibi for being with me through my dark and sorrow day,
i appreciate it so much !
hope you are not going to forget me after this (:
insyaAllah we will keep in touch event though after this our ambition and part are different but we are still connected by one bond 'UKHWAH'
uhibbukifillah jiddan jiddan !

with 'bismillah' i start the new journey insyaAllah :D

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Every time I close my eyes I see you in front of me
I still can hear your voice calling out my name
And I remember all the stories you told me
I miss the time you were around
But I’m so grateful for every moment I spent with you
‘Cause I know life won’t last forever

You went so soon, so soon
You left so soon, so soon
I have to move on ’cause I know it’s been too long
I’ve got to stop the tears, keep my faith and be strong
I’ll try to take it all, even though it’s so hard
I see you in my dreams but when I wake up you are gone
Gone so soon

Night and day, I still feel you are close to me
And I remember you in every prayer that I make
Every single day may you be shaded by His mercy
But life is not the same, and it will never be the same
But I’m so thankful for every memory I shared with you
‘Cause I know this life is not forever

There were days when I had no strength to go on
I felt so weak and I just couldn’t help asking: “Why?”
But I got through all the pain when I truly accepted
That to God we all belong, and to Him we’ll return, oh

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assalamualaikum ,alhamdulillah still breathing !

ok on 4th of may my usrah friends and me doing some activity together that is BAKING <3

ok its quite funny for me,me baking ? what !
the story began when one of them call me

'nad jom bake esok'


'alaa jom laaa..rumah hg,oven rumah aku rosak,bahan kita shared ak ad bla..blaa..blaaa..'

and thats its
just like that,well im quite excited waiting for THE TOMORROW..

its time,
right after zohor they came to my house,some bring eggs,some bring recepi book ! HAHAHA
but there is something mising !
baking floor!no one bring it,and my mum just used it and finish it during my sis enganggement !
so we dicide to 'merempit' bersama ke tesco,i just tumpang my friend,malas nak bawak --'
membazir jea guna banyakbanyak motor..
jadi dengan menaiki skuter kami pun menuju ke tesco..

at tesco,

'weyhh banyak nya tepung !'

'nama pun bahagian tepung --' '

'mana satu kita nak ambik nie?'

'YANG PALING MURAHHHHH ! ' <------- its me >.< HAHAHA

'tesco choice jea laa yg paling murah -,- '

'ada tanda halal yang di yakini tak ?'

'ada ! ok dah jom !'

im quite touched when they are busy looking for halal logos,its means our usrah berkesan (':

so back to my housed,
all of us gathered at my room first we keep looking at recepi book,deceding what cake we are going to bake
so this is the TOP 4 cake we choose >.<

nie nampak rangupkan :D

kitaorang berangan nak pacakkn coklat atas tu atas kek kitaorang nanti >.<

nie first dah reject sebab dye guna susu segar and susu segar baru habis-,-

ok i like this one the most !

 i like the NO4 the most ok ! the strawberryssssssssssssssss ! ya Allah :D

well this is just our dream laa kan,first time buat tak adonya nak jadi sejibik macam nie --'

ok sekarang lets see the most IMPORTANT ingredient (:
TESCO CHOISE tu buat  jadi exclusive tu :p

because off the tesco choise floor our works become more easy because in the floor there are already have sugar and blaa,blaaaa,blaaaaa..we just have to add up eggs and 290ml of majerin..
however the majerin is not enaough ! we could only put 250ml of majerin and with
'bismillah hitawakal tu'allah'
we blend it together (:

and this is the result ....

kitaorang berebut nak taburkan coklat atas tu sampai tak sedar dah habis semua kitaorang tabur tak tinggalkn untuk makan pun --' tapi cantik kan >.<

so will waiting we do some revision on addmath together,
about 45 minutes waiting,the oven make a sound 'TINGGG!' means 'IM DONE BAKING !'

and this is the result :p

komen :



manisnya !'

tapi for me, KERAS NYA ! or rangup will be sound nicer :p
lubang lubang tu adalah hasil coklat yang di tabur tadi, SANGAT TAK CANTIK --'
well its ok for me,baking is the activity,
the most important is THE MEMORY, NILAI UKHWAH, IKATAN USRAH..
thats the most beautiful value for me (:

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