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 its have been a month!

assalamualaikum. *ok sgt x sopan bg salam lambat =='

dear my habibi nur solehah,
its have been a month since u had leave me..
well let me tell u how's my condition during your absent!

when i received a call from ur sister i was like


i cry for a bout two day without stop!my lovely mum was so worried..then nurul jannah visited me..* i actually refused to met her but she was VERY DETERMINED!
one phrase from her make me stop crying 

"if u act this way u actually show me that u are not actually love her because if we do love someone we will not doing anything that the person we love hate and nur solehah really hate to see u crying!"

and i was like "DUSH!" *di hempap something kind of laaa...

and tomorrow immediatelly i stop crying *ok menangis senyapsenyap x kira

however a few person in our usrah  misunderstand me when im not crying *seriously during this time i reallly need u,menangis salah pretending to be tough pun salah!

alhamdulillah everything just fine when we had musyawwarah!
 now the bond between our usrah member had become stronger..and im so happy for that..muslimin seem to be happy too because im back  *ok nie x sure kalau ana jea yg perasan ><

i still miss u until now..
its hard to find someone like u..
and mabruk too u get 8A's in ur SPM!insyaAllah i am the one who will fullfill ur dream habibi..just put aside about my dream because now ur dream is mine too!
maybe now ur name are no longer mentioned by me,but don't missunderstand me because ur name have been GLUED BY GAM GAJAH in my mind,heart and soul..
it is difficult to find someone to replace u habibi..
i have read ur letter..i cried like hujan lebat yg tgh turun sekarang nie..

seriously u seemed to know that u are about to leave me kan (:

insyaAllah our friends are here with me..and a few new members have join our usrah..alhamdulillah..

"maka nikmat Allah yang mana lagikah yang kamu dustakan" *ayat yg selalu enti ulang dekat ana <3

al-fatihah buat sahabatku , NUR SOLEHAH BINTI ABDULLAH <3
enti akan ana cuba meraih redha Ilahi biar kita bersama dapat bertemu kembali di syurga Dia..tunggu ana di sana dan doakan ana istiqamah dengan hijrah ini..cukup sekali ana leka dengan dunia..

salam ukhwah,
nadiah osman

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